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Tearing apart old paper shopping bags for tinder, I discovered two documents in the bottom of one bag, about to go in the crackling stove: “WITNESSETH:” was the banner on the top paragraph; and the next paragraph began “Section One: Definitions” – (of “owner,” of “copyright,” etc). Poor Tad, now in New York, with us as the only executors of, for example, this last play he wrote before the accident. Came home today from school pickup, w/backpack, w/bags of groceries. The cat was on the table eating remains of eggs, the cold front was arriving from the south, the wheelchair had rolled down the meadow slope to get stuck in the blackberry brambles, the groceries stayed standing in bags all over the kitchen floor, un-put-away, to be dodged around, because the present urgency was to get a fire built in the mud room stove, to warm the place up for the boy to tackle his backlog of homework and clarinet practice. of State Hillary Clinton swept the five primary contests on Super Tuesday 2, winning overwhelmingly in Florida and North Carolina and chalking up victories in Illinois and Ohio, though her Missouri win was by only two points over Vermont Sen. Clinton’s rebound after last week’s Michigan victory for the democratic socialist was made even stronger by her significant lead in the delegate count, with nearly 300 pledged delegates and her overwhelming lock among Democratic Party super delegates.Losing Ohio was a particularly difficult blow to Sanders who expected to win the state based on his appeal to blue collar voters on free trade issues.The original bill of sale as well as the photo documentation of this initial color change is present, as is multiple auto registrations throughout the car’s history corroborating the extremely low 2,900 miles.After purchasing the car in 2014, the current owner had a very well respected exotic car restoration facility perform a concours-quality bare metal repaint to return this Mangusta to its original livery of Silver Blue Metallic, at a cost of over ,000, with photo documentation and receipts present.

He has significant campaign funds to buy ads going forward, but he may no longer easily get free media. Marco Rubio lost his home state and dropped out of the race, leaving Texas Sen.

On the Republican side, real estate developer Donald Trump won four of five primaries, with Ohio Gov. Ted Cruz as the strongest challenger to the apparently unstoppable controversial frontrunner.

In delegate math, Trump now has 666 delegates out of the 1237 delegates needed to win, according to the latest tally by MSNBC.

We chased him out of the house but all summer he was insistent: he would leave, only to come back on some other night. Enter bear.) On these occasions he was always easy to scare away, shambling down the hill.

The general theory grew that he must be getting old and unable to fend for himself, increasingly dependent on humans for what he could cadge or take. When I followed and threw stones to make him feel unwelcome, he might pick up the pace and hustle a little, checking back over his shoulder.

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