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Both of us studied abroad in Madrid, Spain in college and did some traveling around the country, but never made it to Portugal.

We’d been talking about making a trip there for years and finally booked it.

There are many beautiful beaches close to the city.

There are also many seafood restaurants, historical sites and monuments.

^ The 4 figures around the base represent justice, wisdom, force and balance; the values for which Dom Pedro IV was renowned. The sautéed Asian broccoli was beaut & crunchy, and I liked the heat from the red chilies. Still, it didn’t ruin our experience or retract from the quality of the food in any way, it just dampened it slightly.

) With the speediest turn-around ever, we made our dinner reservation bang on . Even at the end of our 4-day stint I still hadn’t come around to the late night eating way of life of the southern Europeans… The Lisbon meeting drew a large crowd of people (just over 800) from across the world to discuss the latest changes and evolution in the Internet’s infrastructure.The main technical topics of the meeting were IPv6 and DNSSEC, not to mention ongoing policy reviews for new g TLDs and the ever-present Whois debate, but much of conversation surrounding the controversial topic of the proposed domain and suggested changes to the registrar agreement after significant problems with a company called Register Fly in the weeks leading up to the meeting.Lisbon was insanely beautiful and sunny the whole time we were there.I loved all the gorgeous tile work and colorful buildings. We were only here for about four days, but we were able to explore quite a bit of the city within that time.

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