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Visuals as well as the level layouts contribute to the immense speed of the game. Each of the machines have their own handling characteristics, with varying top speeds, armor values and traction values.

All of the machines in the game have an energy meter—with two separate energy stores for protective shields and a basic primary weapon.

Each month we produce several hours of television programming for community television networks across Australia.

Speed Dating evenings are about having great fun and meeting lots of open minded people.

If you’re early, you can enjoy a drink and relax while the other speed daters arrive.

Once all the speed daters have arrived the Host will get everybody to sit down at the table with the same number as the badge they are wearing.

If a machine loses all of its shield energy, it will explode on contact, causing the player to lose a life or the match.

It is also possible for players to fall off the tracks when driving through jumps or similar obstacles.

More Amore is a traditional-style dating show- three contestants competing to date one eligble single.

In this episode, the games played are: Cooking Up a Storm, An Image of Me, Extreme Speed Dating.

About RMITV: RMITV is Australia's leading community television production house.

It is possible to break the sound barrier in this game, creating a sonic boom.

While travelling at supersonic speeds, All Game Sounds Are Muted (Except Sound of The vehicle travelling) If the bike slows down to below supersonic speeds, another sonic boom can be heard and all game sounds will resume.

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