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An inset box with Stef Willen in it rolls across the screen.

The shot cuts to Lucy Lawless on a construction site answer her phone. The shot move into a four-way split screen with Nick Kroll, Lucy Lawless, Nicole Paone and Kristina Goolsby.

Without taking extra steps to protect your privacy, every phone call, text message, email, instant message, voice over IP (Vo IP) call, video chat, and social media message may be vulnerable to eavesdroppers.

The shot cuts to Nicole Johnson standing in a kitchen.

You never know how many real lesbians you'll hear at once. Nicole Paone: It's important to stay friends with your exes.

If you need to switch the selected objective, click the right stick in.

Triss is on a mission to find one of the sorceresses from the Lodge, Philippa.

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