Dating a former priest

It’s none other than Serena Baldwin (Carly Schroeder).General Hospital has confirmed that Serena is returning for a special tribute to Lee Baldwin – could she be sticking around and meet handsome Dr. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Serena is heading back to Port Charles soon just as her dad Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) faces charges over aiding and abetting Ava’s tampering with Morgan Corinthos’ (Bryan Craig) meds.Her murder has haunted the community for years and is the subject of the The Keepers: Who Killed Sister Cathy? Police expect a result on the DNA test by the end of next week and say it will be a 'huge breakthrough' if Maskell's sample matches the evidence found at the scene.Sister Cathy taught English at Archbishop Keough High School and was a rumored confidante of girls who had been raped and abused by Maskell who died in 2001.Baltimore County homicide detectives took a sample of his DNA immediately to test it against evidence found near the body of Sister Cathy Cessnik.Sister Cathy was found dead at a garbage dump in November 1969, two months after she vanished.Griffin and Ava did have some chemistry when they hung out at the Floating Rib before she was burned to a crisp, but now that she’s in the ICU, Griffin seems to be in doctor and priest mode, praying with Ava while also working to save her life.

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Ball, a former suffragan bishop of Lewes, was let off with caution for molesting a teenage novice monk in 1993.

They are both shown above in photographs from the 1960s Friends of the nun say she was murdered by the priest because she knew too much about the twisted web of pedophiles operating within the church.

They say Maskell was protected by his friends in the police force and by officials who wanted to keep a lid on the city's rampant corruption and crime.

An Italian priest faces defrocking after allegations were made that he organised orgies on church property.

Don Andrea Contin, a priest in Padua, Italy, was accused of always carrying a “briefcase full of vibrators, sex toys, masks and bondage equipment”.

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