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Once the pair start spending the night together between shifts, Henrik could be forgiven for thinking he’s allowed to watch television with his new romantic interest. “Sex or alone,” were the options she offered when he knocked at her door, something actor Thure giggles at today. “I would love to, there is so much to enjoy about this show, but it’s not for me to say.It is the genius (writer) Hans Rosenfeldt who has to put in the hard work for it to happen, so we’ll have to see.” In the meantime, Thure is happy to be a jobbing actor, joining his fellow Danish stars whenever the project permits – “it is such a small country, we all genuinely know and like each other and hear about every project” – and in the meantime, sip coffee in Paris.But they have a secret that can’t stay hidden inside their gorgeous apartment forever: Paul’s deepening drug addiction.Sachs based the movie on his own experience, which gives the story a forceful immediacy.

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The rather bland Booth suffers considerably in comparison, with Paul coming across as frustratingly unworthy of Erik’s devoted efforts. Far more interesting than the breathless documentaries that usually accompany Fashion Week, this eye-opening expose may actually change the way you watch the coverage.Lindhardt, who can switch from little-boy vulnerability to confident seduction in a blink, is already a success in his native Denmark. GIRL MODEL — 3 stars Documentary about a young woman with modeling dreams (). David Redmon and Ashley Sabin follow one lucky girl from Siberia, as she’s chosen for a prestigious modeling contract in Japan."On the one hand it means much that this is a true history.Why They’re On Our Radar: Hands down one of the raciest titles to play in the U. Dramatic Competition at Sundance this year is Ira Sach’s semi-autobiographical gay relationship drama “Keep the Lights On.” In it, Danish actor Thure Lindhardt plays Erik, a hard-partying documentary filmmaker who has a highly charged hookup with the handsome Paul (Zachary Booth), a lawyer in the publishing field.As a relationship quickly develops, the two are forced to deal with each other’s compulsions and addictions.

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