Dating older man with children

You're getting ready for your big date that you’ve been planning for days. How do you realistically date a guy who puts his relationship with his kids before his relationship with you?

It was super sweet of him to invite you to a play that you mentioned in passing. Even if his kids are miniature hoodlums, accept the fact that he will never compromise his relationship with his kids for you.

This may also be evident by the fact that he may even continue to live in the same neighborhood as his children, according to research reported in an article by John Defrain and Rod Eirick in Family Relations.

The truth is, you may always feel like you’re in second place.

This time it’s because his son is begging him to stay home and help him put together his new train set. But more than anything, you’re confused about your role in his life.

You can see this by the way he continues to be involved in their lives.

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