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"I believe driverless trains, on which I published a report, will play an integral part in boosting the Tube's capacity and investing in them is what Londoners want their Mayor to do." The Mayor has constantly repeated his support for driverless trains.London Underground (LU) says trains will continue to have drivers until well into the 2020s.It’s the best way to find out about a local area and the people who live there.” Read Cathy’s poem about her pub experiences – good and bad –below.Follow Cathy via on Facebook/Cathy’s Crazy Red Lion Pub Crawl or on Twitter Cathy [email protected] Lion-Quest Red Lion’s with brass bells Those with bad smells, Good home cooked food Bar tenders in a mood, Slug trails on the floor Toilet seats behind the door, Signs which are faded Décor old and jaded, Super helpful staff Locals good for a laugh,, Beer gardens with umbrellas Merry beer- drinking fellas, Brewery’s at the back Red Wines in a rack, Smelly ash trays outside Hanging baskets that have died, Curtains that need cleaning Bars shiny and gleaming, A local Cask Ale A pub up’ For Sale’, I have sat on church pews Seen Estuary views, Perched on a bar stool In some we play pool, A perfect thatched roof Staff cold and aloof A Bowling Green at the rear A pint of “Off” Beer A Punjabi Landlord Offers on the blackboard Pink Port over ice I thought it sounded quite nice Cheap House Doubles A flat glass of bubbles All this I have seen To these Red Lion’s I have been And there are still hundreds more To enjoy, and explore. It follows the Evening Standard story last week when it was revealed that Tube bosses have ruled out driverless trains for the forseeable future.The Mayor will be questioned by Richard Tracey, Greater London Authority (GLA) Tory group transport spokesman and a leading campaigner for driverless trains.

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Cathy’s pub pilgrimage began in April last year after a visit to a Red Lion in Hawkshead, Cumbria.He will say in the light of the report that Transport for London (Tf L) has "cooled" on the idea he would like the Mayor to "set the record straight." Mr Tracey said: "Driverless trains are a safer, more efficient, faster alternative to today's operation of the Underground."Such systems are used on various metro systems, both old and new, around the world and the time has come for London to embrace them.A group of beer-loving women is holding a beer and cheese tasting in central London next Wednesday, 8 October, to encourage more women to discover the delights of our national drink.Dea Latis – named after the Celtic goddess of beer and water – was established by a handful of women working in pubs and breweries, and hosts regular tastings to demonstrate beer’s versatility as a partner with different foods.

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